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HB Bakery Connection
PO Box 733
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm
Pacific Time

Please know we will be suspending shipping perishables to APO/FPOs beginning June through September 2014, because of the extreme summer heat.

Send A Taste of Home!Support our Troops! Yes you can deliver a cake to a soldier for any occasion! We can send birthday cakes to troops at home & abroad!

We are proud to be a member of the Angel Team of Bakers for Soldiers' Angels Organization. Each month we take on an assignment and send a cake, cookies or pie to a deserving service member.

Soldiers' Angels! If you would like to Sponsor A Soldier, the address is not yet known so please follow this format and we will request an address from our contact at Soldiers' Angels on your behalf. {you will see this as you proceed to the orderform checkout}

  • recipient name:Sponsor A Soldier
  • address:c/o WireACake, PO BOX 733
  • city/state/zip:APO/FPO Huntington Beach, CA 92648
"Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and even though we're not able to celebrate with him this year i was still able to make this birthday extra sweet! thanks to Wire A Cake/HB Bakery Connection my soldier got his yummy cake right on time!! im one happy girl! "Ashley 07/13/10

Click of the photo of the service members to read their feedback!Group Soldiers

How Sweet It Is! Now we are happy to introduce our cakes to the military overseas to an APO/FPO{land addresses only}! Send loved ones a sweet treat baked fresh and packaged for optimal transport.

The cakes are 8" single layer serving 8-10 & they are baked fresh, frosted and shipped immediately but the time frame once in military hands could be approximately 10 days. We like to allow minimum of 14 days travel time just to be on the safe side.

Please DO NOT submit an order if it takes longer than 2 weeks for your soldier to receive mail AND Please do not place an order if your service member is within 8 weeks of the deployment ending! Mail delivery will be stopped within that time & the treat may not reach the final destination.

Cakes have traveled to Iraq & Afghanistan in triple digit temperatures and have been enjoyed.During the summer months it is best to refrigerate for about 30 minutes before cutting into the cake.{instructions are included}

When filling in the "delivery date" field on the final order form, please put the actual date of the occasion. If you want the cake to be sent ASAP please indicate that and we will have it baked and shipped within a couple of days! PLEASE NOTE: SPECIFIED DELIVERY DATES CANNOT BE GUARANTEED DUE TO THE VARIANCES IN MILITARY MAIL SERVICE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Our Fondant Frosted cake is shipped with inscription on the 7 inch frosting disk and costs $59.95(pictured below with +$5.00 for the flag graphic).

Flavors are vanilla, chocolate and marble. Cakes are frosted with buttercream and then a layer of rolled white edible fondant covers the entire cake and serves as protection and keeps the cake fresh. Your personal inscription for the cake and gift card is included AND if it is a birthday or anniversary celebration we include 1 cake candle! The cake wrapped in fondant, is then placed in a custom made box and covered to secure it for transit.

If you think a pie might be enjoyed...the pecan pie is the only pie flavor that can be shipped overseas to APO/FPO land addresses! Our pie vendor took great lengths to have the ingredients tested to determine the shelf life for shipping. He has shipped hundreds of pecan pies to the military and they have been well received. They are baked fresh and shipped immediately but the time frame once in military hands could be up to 14 days. Click Here

Major credit cards accepted including Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover Logo gift cards {If a customer wants to hide the purchase from the cc statement, we confirmed that we can accept a Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover logo gift card. This way the gift card can be used for the purchase & the sweet treat remains a surprise!}

Please be certain to enter a correct valid shipping address when you complete an order on line. Wireacake will not be held responsible for a package that does not arrive because of an inaccurate address!

Orders are no longer being accepted for military addresses in Iraq.The postal service has issued a deadline of Nov 17, 2011 when all mail service (to and from) will cease.

With advanced notice we can prepare the cake for an up to 14 day trip. We use USPS priority boxes with appropriate precautionary labeling. We provide you with a tracking number once the package has shipped so you can confirm the transit. We do our best to secure the cake for shipping, but once in military hands the package may be in for a "bumpy ride". We cannot be responsible for unforeseen military delays that may cause the cake to arrive in less than perfect shape, after the desired date or in very rare circumstances not at all. We can not authorize refund or replacement of the treats sent to APO/FPOs for the following reasons:

  • 1. Priority Mail itself does not have a guarantee.
  • 2. Priority Mail is a non-refundable service.
  • 3. Transit times will vary depending on operational conditions and the unit of the addressee. Those in established bases should continue to receive regular service, while those in forward areas or engaged in operations may experience longer arrival times due to logistical constraints.
  • 4. Coverage is not provided for consequential losses, delay, spoilage of perishable items or prohibited articles.

Before submitting your order, PLEASE read our policies and procedures outlined on the Ordering Specifications page and the FAQ/frequently asked questions page.

Click on the picture panels to see all of our available designs for the cake decorations.Cake Art

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