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We are happy to publish actual customer testimonials, thank you families for sharing with us!
Dows Arrival
"the cookie was in perfect condition. not broken at all! it was slightly crunchy but the middle was soft. just like I bought it at your store a few days ago" SPC Dows 12/30/14
Mascitelli Arrival
"Thank you Wire A Cake" —Mascitelli Family 07/18/14
Meyer Arrival
"This is the Cake I ordered for my boyfriend in Afghanistan. He just got it today and it was in great shape and he absolutely loves it! Thanks "Wire a CAke" for helping to show my hero that he is still loved even though he's a half a world away!" Jeannie 05/28/14
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Jay  Arrival
Dear WireACake,Thank you very much for providing a cake delivery service that supports our troops.  I know it is not easy to mail a dessert thousands of miles away to Afghanistan in such excellent condition.  The brownie cake looked amazing, but more importantly it was delicious.  My friends and I enjoyed it very much. Sincerely, Jay 05/21/14
Benitez  Arrival
Thank You so much for the cake it was delicious and everyone here loved it especially myself. You all at WireACake did a phenomenal job getting it here. Thank you so much for your support and it did make my birthday here in Afghanistan so much better. God Bless you all and we will be back home soon. -SGT Benitez, Ricardo 10th Sustainment Brigade, Bagram, Afghanistan 2014 03/07/14
Bolton Brownie  Arrival
Hi,Thanks for the great brownie cake. He said it arrived intact and was delicious!! Some pics are attached.Thank you for all you do! -Kelly 02/23/14
Major Cake Arrival
"Just got my birthday cake today. Thank you all for the deliciousness!!" SPC MAJOR, DAVIDA 02/18/14
Boyles Cake  Arrival
Hi! My Marine son with his birthday cake from Wire A Cake! He loved it! Sharrie 01/17/14
Manning Arrival
The cake arrived safe, sound, and perfect! Just in time for my soldiers birthday! Thank you for helping me make his Birthday in Afghanistan extra special! Kathryn 12/20/13
Mojica Arrival
"So I got the sweetest gift for my birthday surprise! 2 Cakes and 2 batches of the best cookies! Thank you so much for making this a special day even though I'm away from family. But I enjoyed sharing this with my Signal Family!" Renee 11/09/13
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Parker Cake  Arrival
Thank you so much, He enjoyed his birthday cake! Kat 10/04/13
ADDISON Cake  Arrival
"So we opened up the cake today and it was in near perfect condition. A little dented around the edges, but great condition nevertheless. The cake was DELICIOUS!!!! Absolutely wonderful and morale booster for sure." Matthew 09/19/13
Godkin Cake  Arrival
My husband received his birthday cake!! Thank you so much for your amazing company! Natasha 08/31/13
Brownie Cake  Arrival
A strategy meeting isn't complete without a bite of brownie cake! "...Everyone who had a piece of the cake said it was very tasty, moist and chocolaty." 07/28/13
Caycedo Arrival
The second batch of cookies you sent were perfect! Not one broken piece. And not to mention, they were as delicious as the first batch :) He and the group were very excited and loved the treats. Maria 7/26/13
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Willis Arrival

"He got it! " Melanie 07/05/13
Zorola Arrival
"Dear HB Bakery Connection
Thank you so much for allowing my wife and daughter to send me a fathers day surprise in Afghanistan this year. I was so surprised to receive a cake and even more I was impressed as to the amount of care that went into protecting the cake and ensuring that it reaches its final destination preserved, and untouched. The cake was in excellent condition and protected from the elements, not to mention the cake was very good. My teammates and I really enjoyed our fathers day cake during our morning meeting the day of fathers day. I look forward to thanking you in person when I return because I’m an Orange County native born and raised. Thanks again. SPC Jayson Zorola" 06/28/13
Brown Arrival
"Dear Bakers and Wire A Cake,  My mom ordered a birthday cake and cookies for me and I received them yesterday.What a surprise!The cake is great! The cookies didn’t really survive their travels,but we were able to eat the crumbs.Regards,Chief Dana B." 06/26/13
{we replaced the cookies!}
Chapin Arrival
"Thank you for making it possible to get a cake to my husband in celebration of our upcoming 7 year anniversary! As you can tell, he had no problem finding people to help him eat it . Your service, customer communication, and product are all fantastic!" Jenna 06/18/13
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Collins Arrival
"Thank you guys so much! My husband loved his cake and even shared it with another sailor that unfortunately his fathers day gift from his wife was ruined. So you guys made two sailors fathers day very special. You guys are a blessing". Brittany 06/17/13
Snow Arrival
Thank you for getting my husbands fathers day cake to him in time! Marilyn 06/10/13
Kerl Arrival
The cake arrived on time for our sons birthday and it was in one piece! Thank you so much for your timely delivery too. They all said the cake was really good. SPC RYAN KERL currently deployed to Kuwait as a member of the PA National Guard. Thanks for making his birthday special. Jill 5/22/13
Miller Arrival
Thank you for helping me make my husband's birthday extra special. Currently deployed to Afghanistan. Catalina 05/20/13
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Mann Pie Arrival
TY AGAIN It is our first ANV and he is THERE he is home sick but this helped!!!! Thanks again Awesome he can have his fave over THERE. Brenda 05/10/13
Sgt Flaz Arrival
Here's a picture of Nicholas with the cake from you guys! thanks a lot.." and from Sgt Nicholas Flaz, himself, "thank you for the cake it was delicious. cant wait to have another cake" 05/05/13
S. Ramirez Arrival
PFC Ramirez's mother sent her this wonderful cake and she was nice enough to share it with her fellow Soldiers. Thank you for making her Birthday special! Leona 04/24/13
Coleman Arrival
I got a delicious birthday cake today in Afghanistan...Thank you for making it possible! PFC Coleman, C. 04/23/13
Hernandez Arrival
This is My husband when he received the cake. Thanks alot it give a moment of happines to our soldiers. God Bless You All. Marie 04/08/13
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Aquino Arrival
Thank you to the Soldier's Angels for the birthday cake!Thank you Sharon Bodrie Trombley for making my 23rd birthday that much better! Thank you Debora for making this possible!! Benjamin 04/01/13
Aquino Arrival
Cake and cookies arrived yesterday and well enjoyed by the whole team! Thumbs up on moistness and delicious taste! Louiena 03/11/13
Greene Arrival
Thank you for making it possible for my wife to make my birthday in Afghanistan a wonderful one. It was a great surprise and one of the greatest birthdays ever. Thank you. Austin 03/11/13
Alvarado Arrival
I was not expecting a birthday cake being delivered to me from the US for my birthday!!!!! It was awesome. Thanks to my girlfriend, R Whitney Lynn, for sending this awesome cake to me. I will never be able to top that!! SSG Alvarado 03/01/13
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Jones Arrival
Hi Debora. We received the birthday cake for our boss, MAJ Meinholz, and I must say she was really surprised and most of all impressed that we were able to get her a cake all the way here in Afghanistan. Not only was the cake very beautiful, but it was VERY tasty. I would recommend your company to anyone who may have a loved one that's far away & would like to make their birthday, anniversary, promotion, etc. a special one. I would also recommend placing the order at least 11-12 days prior to the significant event in order for it to make it on time. Our boss' birthday was on 19 Feb. I placed the order on 09 Feb, the cake shipped on 12 Feb, & got here on 21 Feb. So please plan in advance. WireACake Bakery did a very good job making sure that it was well insulated & very protected. The cake was wrapped with insulated bubble wrap, newspaper, & ice packs, therefore the cake was still moist upon arrival & was not damaged at all. Once again thank you WireACake for making this a special day for our boss. You rock!!! Katrina 02/27/13
Hall Arrival
Our son loved his cake!! Thank you!! Kathy 02/25/13
Frisch Arrival
SGT Daniel Frisch holds an anniversary cake that his wife sent him to celebrate the seven years they have been married. He was thrilled! Candyann 02/22/13
Robertson Arrival
Thank u for this beautiful cake. My soldier recieved it two days ago I believe && he loves it!! Thank you!! Flor 02/21/13
Irizarry Arrival
She loved it!! None of her co-workers could believe it (until they tasted:)) you are doing a wonderful job, making my love smile! That's more valuable than money. Thanks again for a wonderful job done, and done right. Thanks-Spc Casado- 02/20/13
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Rodriguez Arrival
Thank you so much for the cake my Brother just got it in time for his Bday and loved it. Brenda 02/08/13
My husband, Sgt. Victor Ascencio, received his cake exactly on his birthday over in Afghanistan 2/3/13. He absolutely loved it. Thank you so much for helping make his birthday even more special!! Jasmine 02/04/13
Thank you HB Bakery Connection and my special friend Samantha for this birthday celebration. Currently serving another tour in the Middle East, and this made my entire deployment so much better. Thank you again. Andres 01/23/13
Burgos Arrival
Today is my husbands birthday and he received his cake today!!! He said it was delicious and his soldiers enjoyed it too!! Thank you so much for making this happen! It put a smile on his face and an even bigger one on mine!! Isaura 12/04/12
Hello My name is SPC Bree Camps.I am currently deployed to RC East Afghanistan. For my 22nd birthday I received one of your cakes for my birthday. I would also like to say thank you for allowing your company to send over seas. It was a great pleasure to my friends and I to have a little bit of something from home. We all enjoyed it alot. Well lets just say soon as I pulled the cake out, it got attacked. haha Once again thank you! 11/25/12
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Place Arrival
From FOB Fenty, thank you so much for our post-Veteran's Day, pre-Thanksgiving CAKE! My Soldiers and I enjoyed every bit of it :) Veronica 11/19/12
Pichardo Arrival
The cake was a BIG hit!!! Super unexpected and according to Joh super tasty and pretty! Thank you so very much for helping make my guys day special. Its been a long time since he had a birthday at home and this made him feel much closer to home. Super Grateful, Diana 11/15/12
Just wanted to let you know that my son's cake arrived and it made him smile. Although it took 3 weeks and and was a week late for his birthday he appreciated the thought. Thanks for helping celebrate his birthday so far away! Nancy 11/02/12
Arango D. Arrival
What you guys do is soo amazing. my husband has gone on two deployments this being his second i wanted something no one there has had or he would think of me sending. when he got it i think i was more excited then him! he loved it! and friends of his that he had shared the cake with kept thanking me how delicious it was when it reality they should be thanking you guys for making it possible!! Thank you so much!!! Tina 10/30/12
Thank you guys for giving my lovely wife the opportunity to surprise me with this delicious cake. My fellow marines and I enjoyed it very much. Semper fidelis. David 10/24/12
My son received his cookies and was nice enough to share! Thank you! THE MOMMA 10/23/12
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We have thoroughly enjoyed the cake. This was the second one our office has had the pleasure of eating. It adds a little bright spot to a long 12 day. Thank you for allowing individuals who work overseas the opportunity to enjoy a little piece of heaven. LNK-HR Team 10/22/12
My husband got his cake! Thank you so much for making his birthday special! Bethany 10/14/12
Just wanted to share my husband got his cake today! He was so excited and he said it tasted amazing! I just wanted to share this with you and thank you again for making his day...and mine! I will attach some pictures and you can post them in your album if you wish. Thank you again! Ashley 10/11/12
Debora-My friend received her cake several days ago. It took about two weeks. It was a little worn but it made it. This is what she said to me. " Thank you For the awesome and delicious cake! Just got it this afternoon (here time) and was totally surprised by it!" Thank you for what you do. It's nice to be able to send someone you care about something to let them know you are thinking of them. Julie 10/04/12
"Thank you guys for the cake it was awesome and brought alot of morale to the guys!!" Kevin 10/01/12
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Hello,I received a cake for our recovering Soldiers and we wanted to say THANK YOU. It put smiles on our soldiers faces and we appreciate the support you have given. Please share the photo with your organization. Again thank you V/R, M. Swift, Warrior Transition Battalion FRSA 09/10/12
My sons cake arrived just in time for his Birthday and the guys all loved it! Thank you for your great service! Kathy 08/19/12
Hi Debora, I just thought I'd let you know that my husband got his cookies. I attached a pic of him & his fellow soldiers. Thanks! Cindy 08/14/12
Our Son Geoff received his Birthday Cake, sharing with his Battle Buddies! Thank you for helping to make a faraway birthday one to share! Wish the photo had been clearer but so happy to have gotten one. Diane 08/09/12
I'm a defense contractor in the middle east and my wife sent me a cake for my 25th bday! I am so happy and grateful for my wife! Thank you so much for helping her make my bday a great day!! Justin 08/02/12
Summer Anniversary cake arrived 07/31/12 to APO,AE and was in great shape!
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Thank you so much for the cake. My daughter said the cake was delicious. Attached are photos of her birthday celebration at FOB Finley Shields, Afghanistan. Teresa 07/24/12
Hello Cake People! My girlfriend, Kaitlin, sent me a birthday cake here in Afghanistan and even though it got here two days late it was a welcomed surprise! It was mailed on 2 July and arrived today on 13 July. The average package takes only about 6 days to get here so I was saddened to see that. With 11 days in transit the cake arrived a little dry but still very much edible. After unwrapping I refrigerated the cake for about a half hour and then shared with my joes! Thanks Wire A Cake! Chris 07/13/12
Dear Wire-a-cake,Thank you so much for the cake I recently received for Father's Day.�I couldn't believe that my wife and boys could have one of your cakes shipped all the way to Afghanistan and have it arrive in one piece... let alone still tasting great. And to see the picture of me with my 4 year old twins on top really made it a special day. Thank you for your service and for providing one of the happiest memories I'll take home from a year here. I've attached a picture of me with my wonderful cake. Sincerely, Mike 07/03/12
Hi Debora!!! Just had to let you know that Michelle's birthday cake arrived safely!!! Was only two days early, so it worked out great! She said it was REALLY good, and once she decided to share... it only lasted 10 minutes! Ha! Too bad the cakes can't be bigger! I am attaching two photos of Michelle holding her cake....it made her so happy, the guys in her unit happy, and me VERY happy! I've said it before, but THANK YOU for what y'all do...it really does make a difference and puts a smile on lots of faces!!! God bless you!!!! Janet 06/26/12
Rodriguez Cake
Here is a picture of my husband on the day he received his cake! Thank you all so much! It was shipped on June 4th and he received it on the 13th! It arrived in good condition and he and his coworkers said it was delicious! Thank you for helping me make this Father's Day special for him while he is Deployed! Sharon 06/20/12
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Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but the cakes did arrive in good condition. We thoroughly enjoyed them. Here's a picture of some of my soldiers with the cakes. Peter 06/19/12
Thank you so much for helping to make Andy's deployed birthday as special as possible. The cake made it to the 2nd hottest place on Earth in perfect condition and right on time! He was so surprised and everyone keeps asking how I did it! Thanks again! Kase 06/18/12
Thank you so much for the replacement cake! I was told it came out much better and it was a big hit! Krystal 05/31/12
Barajas Cake
I cannot thank you enough for helping me make Ricky's birthday as amazing as possible while he is deployed. They said the cake was delicious. Thank you for allowing me to "be with him" on his birthday, and for helping me send him an epic box-o-love to Afghanistan. You guys are true heroes!! <3<3<3<3 Julie 04/28/12
Thank you so much for your amazing cake and outstanding customer service. My husband is not home again for his birthday and I knew sending him a cake from you guys would make is day. I had sent one to him last year while he was deployed and he loved it so there was no doubt I would be doing the same this year. You shipped it Friday and he received it today. Even though he isnt deployed sniper school in Hawaii is kicking his butt so this definitely brought a smile to his face<3 A special thanks to Debora George for her special attention to my needs. I am a customer for life <3 Bianca 04/23/12
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We received a lovely and tastey cake this morning! Thanks so very much. The USO staff here on Shindand was tempted to take the cake and forks and run away, but we decided it's better to give than to receive. We decided to put it to even better use and gave it to our volunteers as a "thank you". Did you know that this is National Volunteer Week? Perfect timing. Our volunteers did share with us. We were all pleasantly surprised that the cake was still moist and very yummy - often home baked and bakery items reach us dry out and in crumbs, although we still eat them. Cathe G. Duty Manager USO Bagram 04/20/12
Kristian got the cake!!! 02/25/12
Thanks for a great product, and the wonderful customer service! Tia 02/16/12
He said it was delicious! Thank you again!! Thank YOU for getting it there right in time :) Katie 02/13/12
Bear has got delivery time down!!The Valentine's Day cookies the girls sent to their dad arrived in Afghanistan in only 10 business days! Tim dug into them so quick and shared with his troops, that he forgot to get a picture taken lol. His words.... 'They were YUMMY!' Thanks Debora and WAC! :) Susie 02/10/12
I'm currently in Afghanistan, and was certainly surprised to see my sister had sent me a birthday cake with my daughters picture on it... <3 speechless <3 I Just wanted to say Thank You for what you do. 01/30/12 Mayra
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Thank you for the cake! Merry Christmas! 12/21/11
Torrentes Cake
This is one of our Soldiers' Angels birthday assignment recipients. He was surprised with this cake :) Please visit SA.org to learn about the Angel Bakers program. 12/20/11
Hello,We received the cake, thanks! Susie 11/21/11
Thank you for making it possible for our husband/Daddy to celebrate his Birthday. Words cannot describe how special people like you are. Mandy 11/10/11
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Carwile Cake
Thank you again for the cake. She definitely did enjoy it!! Jeraldine 10/21/11
Reyes Cake
Good morning Debora, I just wanted to let you know that my honey Luis received his cake this morning (their afternoon). I also just wanted to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patronage to our troops. It is truly an amazing feeling to be able to provide our loved ones with something sweet as this, especially while they are deployed. I will truly consider using Wire a cake again and again, if need be. The cake was very well received and appreciated and delicious from the mouth of Luis and his comrades. :) Again, thank you so much for having this company and being able to provide this service to our troops' families. With the kindest of regards and most sincere gratitude, Miriam 10/15/11
Bedford Cake
Hello Debora:Wanted to let you know Wesley got his cake. I have attached a picture for you!Thank you so very much. He really enjoyed getting a cake in the desert!!Best regards, Angelia Sept 2011
Bodak Cake
Hi Debora! Just wanted to say thank you soooooo much for all your help! My husband got the cake in time. I was so happy he was able to blow out his candles one his birthday. He loved the cake. It was worth every penny! Thank you again for helping my family celebrate such a special day! Tania 09/28/11
senecaut Cake
Hi Debora!The cakes were received and were a definite surprise and a hit!You were right on the money about delivery time....it would've arrived yesterday (for us), but their mail was canceled that day for them, so he got it the day after.I thought the cakes looked fabulous....especially for such a long, hot journey!You guys are awesome!Thanks so much for helping us make his birthday special! Susie, Emily & Elizabeth(09/21/11)
& we are honored to have feedback direct from the LTC:
The cake was GOOD!!! I mean really good too!I put it in the freezer for a little bit and we had it as dessert.THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!Love you!!! XOXOXO Dad
Nichols Cake
Hi Debora, My sister told me Stephen received the cake on September 1. Thanks so much! I have attached a picture for you--it was taken when she was Skyping with him. Thanks again! Robin 09/05/11
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Schwanda Cake
I just wanted to say Thank You for bringing a little birthday happiness to my husband Tom while he is serving in Afghanistan! The cake was a great surprise and everyone enjoyed it! Nicole 09/05/11
ShotGun Tom Cake
A picture is worth a 1000 words! Thanks for sharing Shotgun Tom! 08/08/11
Click Here to listen to the audio thank you from ShotGun while he was on air!
Reveulta Cake
Again...Debra..thank you...Barney loved it....it was delicious....thank you for all you do for us to be able to send a cake overseas!! THANK YOU!! Glad you liked the picture!! Hes brave...lol Elsie 08/04/11
Erwin Cake
Thank you so much! Brian loved it!!! Christina 07/23/11
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Walters Cake
Thank you sooooo much for sending my hero in Afghanistan a perfect cake for our Anniversary! He loved it! I'm attaching a pic of him with the cake! It's so awesome what ya'll are doing for our military and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Ya'll are amazing! Thanks again! God Bless Always, Natalie 07/09/11
Gunnett Cake
Pictures of my Sailor with his birthday cake!The cake arrived beautifully on the 21st I believe. He was very impressed with how well packaged it all was. Took him an hour to unpack it so great job everyone. No words can describe his or our joy to give and receive, God Bless You All! Janet 07/08/11
Folk Cake
he enjoyed it! Jessica 07/01/11
Harrington Cake
Hi! Just wanted to share a couple pictures my hubby sent me with his fathers day cake y'all made! It turned out great and he shared it with his buddies also serving in Afghanistan :) Thanks again! Jen 06/23/11
Femano Cake
Thank you for getting my husband his birthday cake on time and tasting "delicious"! Him and his buddies in Iraq definitely enjoyed the treat! Sorry there are so many candles... I sent a lot! haha Amanda(06/01/11)
Goss Cake
I completely forgot to tell you that my husband loved his cake! This is my Goose holding his birthday cake he got earlier this month! Samantha (05/28/11)
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Smith Cake
We were drawn as the winning comment and our boys were so surprised and thrilled when they received their cake today! It really made their day, thank you soooo much! Dawn 05/20/11
Winners of our Cake Event Celebrating the Military Child! It was a pleasure partnering with MilitaryAvenue.com
Lemons Cake
Hi Debora!I wanted to send an email to let you know that the cake I won via the Operation Ward 57 auction arrived today! I had the inscription done for my kids with their names and had it sent to them as a "thank you!" for all of their help with everything while their Dad was deployed the last 12 months. It was great to see their faces when they opened it this afternoon and I told them why they were receiving such a special surprise. They wanted to know all about the process of shipping the cakes to soldiers overseas and they felt so special to be getting a cake just like brave soldiers would be getting. I told them they are my brave little troops because they did such an outstanding job of helping me out with their baby sister during the last 12 months when their Dad was in Afghanistan. They loved the cake and after it was cut and served they wanted to know who got parts of their names on their piece! It was too cute! The entire experience was wonderful and it definitely brought huge smiles to their faces as well as mine and their Dad's..now that he's home! Thanks again! Jillian 05/18/11
Hash Cake
I meant to share this earlier. He loved it and everyone else did too. Our daughter picked out his birthday hat and his mom sent the candles. Thanks for helping us make his birthday wonderful. (He may shoot me for sharing this picture though!!) Laura 05/12/11
Louvet Cake
Hi! I just wanted to THANK YOU for the cake I sent to my husband for his birthday! It actually arrived ON his birthday so I couldn't ask for better timing! I am attaching some pictures, I hope they go through, the last one is when his team was singing happy birthday to him and I haven't seen a smile that big on his face since before he left over 4 months ago. Thank you for making this possible! Sincerely,Megan 05/11/11
Bunse Cake
My son Zachary with the cake I ordered for Easter. Great timing! Thank You! Martha 04/23/11
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McGee Cake
My son Steven McGee received his cake over there for his 21st bday with the beer mug on it. He loved it!! He said he will download pics soon and I will send you one! Thank you so much- you're never gonna believe this- what are the chances of it it arriving exactly on his bday. It got there Monday, Jan 3rd. It was perfect! Mystie 04/04/11
Addison Cake
I ordered a last minute cake to go to a deployed friend. I ordered it one week before I needed it and I got an email shortly after saying the cake would be made the same day and shipped the same day... I never thought in a million years it would arrive to my deployed friend on his birthday. Yesterday he received his cake! And it made his day.... I can't thank you enough for bringing a smile and a lil piece of home to my very dear friend! Attached you will see Capt Addison and his wonderful cake! Jennifer 02/08/11
We are honored to have feedback direct from Captain Addison:
The cake was great...to be honest, I didn't think a cake could be shipped and actually not go bad but your cake was still moist and yummy. The fondant was really good..I'm a fan of good fondant. Thank you very much once again. Capt Addison, United States Air Force
Harder Cake
Debora, just wanted to share the pics of my husband enjoying his cake from your bakery. Thank you so much for such a speedy and smooth process! I think he was definitely surprised and appreciative.Thanks to you and your team for being so supportive of our military service members. It is because of organizations like yours that truly help and boost the morale of our soldiers and all service members. Thank you so very much for your service! -Angie 02/08/11
& we are honored to have feedback direct from Michael:
These are a few pics from my birthday. The cake was a big hit and went quick. I think it was a great gift and gesture. Who would have thought I could eat an actual birthday cake on my birthday all the way in Afghanistan. Anyway, thanks again it was awesome!
Stallings Cake
Alright Wire A Cake here is my LOVE after working 48 straight hrs and the cake traveling 3 weeks (it was 3 days late so he was told about it on our actual anniversary) it was a much needed sweet treat for my man and his men and they all raved about how yummy it was. Stacie 01/14/11
Cabatit Cake
Hi Debora..here is my husband's pic when he got his cake..cake arrived in afghanistan in 17days..3days after our anniversary.. Thanks a lot and God Bless!!!! 12/10/10
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McAllister Cake
Debora,The Cake arrived yesterday the 24th and in his words, "Happy Thanksgiving Aunt Marilyn!! Thanks so much for the cake, so delicious!!!!" On behalf of so many, thank you for what you are doing for our service men and women . . I have passed your website on to many and they are so appreciative.Thank You again, Marilyn 11/25/10
Piesman Cake
Thank you so much for the delicious birthday cake for my husband serving in Iraq. It came even before his birthday and arrived fresh and apparently very tasty. I have included some pictures of he and his colleagues enjoying the cake, please feel free to post them on the website.Thanks again for making his birthday so special. Elizabeth 11/16/10
Duke Cake
My husband got his cake! Thank you so much. He absolutely loved it. He got it on time. Thank you! Lauri 11/05/10
Weadon Cake
Here he is enjoying his birthday cake, it was a great surprise!!! He did share a piece or two and said that everyone loved it!!! Thank you cant wait to send him more!!! Lexi 10/02/10
Boltz Cake
Thank you HB Bakery! The cakes took a while to get to the COP, but it is very remote from what I understand (shipped Sept 7th arrived Sept 28th). My soldier ate the first one right away. I told him not to eat the second one until he took a picture! Kristal 10/02/10
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McCullough Cake
Hello there...I finally got my husand to send a picture of his "cleaning" out the tin the cake was in. Thanks so much for sending this cake downrange. It really helped the moral esp. since we could not be together for our Anniversary. Thanks again Jennifer 09/27/10
Greatorex  Cookies
Hello Chris did get his cookies today !!!! Great timing, thank you so much,he shared them with his platoon and everyone loved them.... Julie 09/09/10
Dyk Cake
My husband got his cake yesterday and was totally shocked! He didn't even know that a cake could be mailed to Afghanistan :] He loves cake and they ate it right up! Thank you so much for making this possible. I am attaching the pictures of him with the cake for you! :]Once again I really appreciate this service so much for our soldiers! Sends them another little piece home home:] Taylor 09/05/10
Grimaldi Cake
Hi, Joe got his cake for his birthday. I was so worried cause I ordered late but he got it and it made me (and him) very happy!!! This is his first year away from home and it's been hard not being able to celebrate with him. This little thing like a cake for his birthday has helped me get through it!! Thank you so much!! Carin 09/02/10
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Morton Cake
DEBORA!!! You are my hero of the day!! My son Facebooked me last night. They received the cake ON his birthday. Even though it was a bit crazy over there, he still got to enjoy a little normalcy, and a little piece of home!!Thank you so Very, very much!! Your hard work and efforts are also recognized. Have a great day..., and thank you again. Fondest Regards, Jennnifer 08/13/10
Nakoski Cake
Cake made it even though a little melted but was told still good even with 136+ temps this week! Cindy 07/21/10
Mathews Cake
Hi Debora, Just wanted you to know that Jason's second cake got to him perfectly!! He actually received it on Thursday June 24th - fast shipping time again! As you can see by the attached pictures, it made the journey very well this time :) He was pleasantly surprised that it was an anniversary cake this time; you can tell by the picture that he was not expecting it! He thought it would be another Father's Day message, so we managed to surprise him after all. Just wanted to thank you for what you are doing and especially for working with Jason's order as you did. I have referred many people to you, even after the first one (cuz I know it's not your fault what happens during shipping). All the guys there enjoyed the cake (s!) and again I appreciate ya'll for working with us! Lisa 06/28/10
Kosman Cake
This is my husband when he got his cake!! He got it quickly and shared some with the other dads there!!! Got it before Fathers Day!! Thank you so much!! Helen 06/27/10
This is Kevin with his chocolate cake. He loved it, thanks so much. Christine 06/24/10
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Here is my husband's cake that I sent him for our 5th anniversary on Wednesday! He really liked it and they had to improvise with jelly beans to cover where the icing came off. Actually, from what I understand it was his Lt's idea to fix the cake, LOL. She had the jelly beans, so I have to give credit to her, LOL. But he really enjoyed the cake and from what I understand it was only a little bit of icing that came off! Thank you again for a great present to him! I love this site! Hayley 06/20/10
{The cake is covered with parchment paper to protect it from the lid and we do have instructions to peel it off slowly to prevent the fondant from sticking but sometimes it still can happen.}
Gilfranco Cake
My husband enjoying his cake in Afghanistan during the surprise party I planned for him with his soldiers. =) Yesenia 06/04/10
Lopez Cake
My hubby received his cake just in time for his birthday but due to other circumstances he was not able to eat it until a week later, and it was still in great shape and yummy 17 days after it was shipped. Thank you Wire a Cake! He loved it! Gabriella 05/20/10
Eckstein Cake
Thank you so much for the cake you made for my husband. Despite his mail arriving by truck, it still got to him in time for his 30th birthday! He loved the picture of him and our 6 children that you put on the top of the cake. Great job! Heather 05/10/10
Yarbrough Cake
My wife sent me a photo of her and the cake. She received it May 7th. She shared it with the people she works with and it is all gone. Thanks so much. Donny 05/09/10
Meadows Cake
Many thanks to Hooah! button and Wire-a-cake for providing this delicious cake to celebrate Jordan's homecoming from BCT and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood. It's wonderful to have her home with us! Susan 05/02/10

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Libby Cake
Brian with his cake <3 Looks like a small bit of the fondant stuck to the side, but he loved it regardless.... Thank you for the service you provide and your personal service!! He will be sending me more pictures and I will more than happy to share them with you!Between the volcano stopping flights and his mail being trucked in, I'm very impressed with it's appearance!! ....and still amazed how quickly it got there!! Thanks a million!!! Kimberly 05/01/10
Tuck Cake
Hi again, I wanted to say Thank you so much for providing this service. Giving our troops a little taste of home is just what they need to boost their morale. My husband in Baghdad received his cake in 7 days! The guys had a fun time hiding it from him and also enjoying the cake. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to make my husbands birthday a special one :) Jennifer 04/28/10
Soldier's Angels Kuwait Cake
Hi Debbie, The cake was in great shape when it arrived... we just forgot to take a picture after we opened the tin. As soon as we opened it, it was gone! :) Thanks again! You made a lot of soldiers smile! Cindy 04/22/10
POS Vannoy Cake
Hello-Chris received his birthday cake today! I sent him a seperate package with birthday hats and other "party" supplies. His sweet smile and seeing these tough army guys in silly birthday hats makes this a picture I will treasure forever! It meant everything to me that my daughter and I could "be there" with him to celebrate his birthday in Iraq. The picture of us on the cake held up well but the fact that you enclosed a hardcopy of the photo "just in case" speaks to the incredible level of customer service your company puts out. The cake was large enough to share so the day was made even more special since he could gather with a few of his war buddies and share the tasteytreat.Everyone commented on how good the cake was and many people were surprised that such a treat could be sent from so far away. Always, April 04/12/10

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Hello! I just wanted to say "THANK YOU!" for the birthday cake! It arrived on time and in good shape. My husband and the guys loved it. Some even gathered to sing him Happy Birthday before blowing out the candle!He took pictures and will be home on R&R soon so I will be sure to email you a few.Thank you so very much again! You were a big part in helping him have a very special birthday. Kallie 04/06/10
Wright Cake
Debora,Thank you so much for getting the cake to Ian and Jeremy in time for their 20th birthdays! They were very surprised and enjoyed the cake very much! Renee 03/18/10
Sgt Granados Cake
Thank you very much my marine recieved his bday cake last night in Afghan and he was so surprised and happy ... I'm so glad you could help me make this possible. He also recieved the pie today and he said everything is gone : ) and yes for the heck of a trip it took it does look good. Johanna 03/17/10
"i just want to say my husband got his cake sat. he said it was good sorry he did not take a picture of cake. thank you so much for helping me celebrate his birthday. Karen 03/15/10"
Foster Cake
I'm a deployed Soldier, and I received a cake for Valentine's Day from my daughters. It was the most amazing surprise and totally made my day. I just wanted to say thank you for this service, and keep up the amazing work. Derek 02/20/10
Hutchinson Pecan Pie
Hi! My husband really enjoyed the pie. It came safe, sound and delicious. A little taste of home goes a long way. Thanks you so much!!! I have included pics of him and other soldiers sharing the pie. Rayna 02/17/10
Chase got his cake last week and he loved it. He didn't take any pictures because him and some other guys were digging in it as soon as they opened it. Thanks so much for this opportunity to make my husband happy. Amanda 02/15/10

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Mack Cake
She loved the cake!! Thank You, Dave 01/30/10
Evans Cake
Hi Debora- My husband Chris received his cake today and he absolutely LOVED it! I think he was really surprised to have received an actual birthday cake in Iraq. He shared it with his buddies and they all loved it too, they said it tasted great! Thank you so much for providing this service to us and for helping me make his birthday away from home a little more bearable. I'm attaching a picture he sent me, feel free to post it on the website if you'd like. Thanks again! Ashley 01/28/10
Hi Debora,Yes, Ben did recieve his cake! He got it today - his birthday!! Perfect timing!!! :) He LOVED it! I told him to take some pictures so I will be sure to send them to you. Should I just email them to you? He said the cake was delicious and was definitely the highlight of his day! Thank you so much for all that you do for our soldiers!! God bless you!! Thanks again, Andrea 01/21/10
Henderson Cake
Thanks Debora:Pictures of David's cakes are finally attached! Cake and pie actually.He said they looked great and tasted even better.There's one picture where he looks like he's hugging them, as if to say MINE, ALL MINE! But he did share the cake and they ate the pie on another soldier's birthday. You've really hit on something; the guys love these. Star 01/10/10
David got his pie already! He said it got there in 5 days and was still cold. It came in one piece and was delicious! He loves it. Thank you again so much! Photina 01/02/10
Thank you for your cakes! My hubby rec'd our anniversary cake....still fresh, moist & delish! He remembered the camera after they devoured it all!! Val 12/27/09

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Aragon Cake
Dear Sweetie, Hey! I got the cake in today! It was AWESOMEEEEEE! I was surprised on the packing that it made it-not soggy or anything like that. The icing was sweeeet! I tried to take a picture of it, but it was too tempting for others and I barely got the picture with two pieces left. I actually lost $2 on a bet that I thought it wouldn't make it in good condition...oh well (haha). I copied this email to the cake company to let them know all the way out here in the middle of nowhere in Afghanistan, their cake made it safely and is now resting in the bottom of many Marines' bellies! Thanks! Love, Daddy CWO3 C. G. Aragon Supply Operations Officer 12/16/09
I talked with Matthew today and he said the cake arrive the beginning of the week and it was fine...he said it was a little late but arrived in good shape and enjoyed by all. Thank you for everything..it was a success! Nancy 12/13/09
Thank you so much for getting the cake I ordered here in time for Cynthia's Birthday here in Iraq... it was quite the surprise for her and she absolutely loved it! It's wonderful that you provide this wonderful service! Thank you again for your great work!!! Sgt Michael Johnston 12/06/09
Hi! Thank you for your email. Yes my son received the cookies and pie. He said the cookies were delicious and they looked great they didn't break!! He saved the pie for Thanksgiving day he said it was delicious as well, I am pleased that you cater to our Military forces overseas thank you for that and for your follow up which is a nice personal touch. Vera 11/28/09

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Sarah Cake
Sarah loved her cake and said it was delicious. This is her first deployment to Afghanistan, and she was totally surprised by the cake. Thanks for giving her a special birthday memory. Jaymie, 11/9/2009.
Hello, My husband received his cake and is so happy.He got the package five days before his birthday and put the package in the refrigerator right away.He opened it the morning of his birthday and was so surprised.He couldn't believe that he got a birthday cake over there (Iraq).He said it made him feel like he was at home and that the cake was very moist and delicious.His room-mate enjoyed it also.Thank you so much for your service, and for helping my husband to feel "at home" on his birthday. Sincerely, Jamie 11/04/09
We received the cakes yesterday! They were just as delicious as we hoped they would be.Thank you very much. Everyone loved them and were very excited. You have helped boost our morale to get us through this last stretch until our homecoming. Nicole 10/30/09

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Seligman Cake
My husband got his cake yesterday, and I believe it put a smile on his face that has been missing for months. Thank you so much! I'm sure he will send picutres of the party! Melissa 10/28/09
Nance Cake
Good Morning, Thank you so much for sending the cake to my sister, Spc. Nance, Laura.Here is a picture of her holding the canister.Sorry there is not a picture of the cake, they ate it walking back to there tents.They said that they don't receive stuff like that over there and they were very happy to get a cake.I will be ordering another one soon. Thank you! Cynthia 10/14/09
Thank you for the info. I did have trouble tracking, but chose not to worry about it. The cake arrived sooner than I thought it might and my daughter waited a day to enjoy it with her friends at the hospital. She wanted to dive in right away, but her fellow nurses at the hospital made her promise to wait one day for her actual birthday. She said the cake was pretty and they loved it. Thanks for the wonderful service and I will certainly order from you again. Sandra 10/14/09
Morning, I wanted to say thank you for what you all do. My sons and myself had purchased a cake for my wife, their step-mom from yall, an it was derived to her for her birthday. She received it a couple days before her day and when she got it she did not know what to think or how to act. She really enjoyed it and as her coworkers did too. They were more surprised that a cake of your quality could even be delivered to Iraq without being crushed or ruined in the mail system. Again Ithank you for your support and keep on send the cakes. I plan to buy another for our anniversary soon. Tom 10/14/09
Heisler Cake
Debora, Sorry it has taken me so long to get these to you, but here's photos my husband Silas sent me from when he got his Anniversary cake last month. He said it was delicious and you can see from the photos that he and his buddies had fun chowing it down! Thank you so much for making it possible for us to celebrate our one year anniversary together via cake :) Erica 10/03/09
Hi Debora:They just got it today and immediately got into it for quality control purposes. The verdict is in: still fresh and tasty. Obviously your packaging method must be first class. In any event, it's is the feature on this evening's dessert menu. Please tell your colleagues at W-A-C that even if they arrive a week or more late, these cakes from home are very much appreciated.Cheers and many thanks for your concern, Jim 09/16/09
Hi. Yes! She told us she received them on Wednesday, and that they were very good! Thank you so much. She shared the cakes with her co-workers on base, and they all enjoyed them. Thanks for helping us celebrate her birthday. MaryEllen 09/11/09

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Debora, Hi. Yes, he did get the cake in good condition.They all said it was one of the best tasting cake they've had over in the desert.Thank you. Marina 09/08/09
Thomas Cake
Hi! Ryan received his cake yesterday, and he (and all the other guys!) loved it.Thank you again so much for such great service. This is the email that I received from him-"Hi beautiful. Baby, I love you so much. Just when I think that you couldn't be any more perfect you go and surprise me again. I even smiled for the picture!"(haha, you know Marines have to be tough and not smile in pictures- but I guess this was an exception)" Thanks a ton! Ashley 08/31/09
Davis Cake
Deborah,thank you so much for helping us make our baby boy's 21st birthday a little more special. Our marine was just thrilled when he received his cake, it arrived in Japan in 9 business days! WOW! He said he couldn't believe how fresh and tasty it was. Thank you for reaching out to our military men and woman. Sincerely,Amy 08/28/09
Michael Cake
Debora,Good Morning.My Baby received his Birthday Cake yesterday and he loved it.Said it was very good.An ice pack has ruptured so it leaked through the box, but the cake was fine.He received it less then a week from my order. Thank you so much. You helped me make his birthday special even when we are thousands of miles apart.Oh and the other soldiers made fun of him as most soldiers do to each other, but of course it is all in good fun.Alice 07/27/09

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Davis pecan pie
Thank you so much!! I just found your link on cinchouse. I am spreading the word about you - what a great idea!! I am the ombudsman for a group that just deployed to Africa for a year - including my husband. He loves pecan pie and so nice to send him a slice of home. Bea 03/05/09
Dear Debra....I just heard from my son, Corporal Ryan Bottoms who has been stationed in Iraq for 9 months and spending his 20th birthday (yesterday). I have to say how impressed I was that BOTH cakes made it the day BEFORE my son's birthday. One chocolate and one vanilla. He tried both and really loves the chocolate so it was his favorite! Not only was he impressed that the cakes showed up but the men in his shop were so very excited to see real CAKE. They said the cakes arrived in excellent condition...it was as if you delivered them personally. And they were perfect in size. My son said there was enough to go around everyone on the night shift and the day shift as well. Thank you so very much! I cannot tell you how much it means to me that my son was able to enjoy a 'little piece of home' in the beautiful cakes you were able to create and safely transport all the way to Iraq! His entire shop thank you (and me) for the very thoughtful and tasty gift. With deepest appreciation....Donna 02/27/09
Hello, Deb! Just wanted you to know that I am impressed with your cakes . . . . my daughter called me on her birthday to say that the cake sent to her was absolutely amazing! Her birthday was 2/19, and she received it on the 18th .. still cold. . .and absolutely delicious! Michele said it was moist and very tasty! Everyone loved it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making her 28th birthday a special one! I will definitely use your company again in a heartbeat and recommend others to you! Blessings to you. Maggie 02/21/09
Eagan Cake
My husband received his cake and said it was delicious!Here's the pictures he sent.Thanks so much.Nancy 02/18/09
Hi there!! This is Cameron. Just wanted to let you know that Thomas received his cake right on time and loved it!!! He just got it and already ate half!!! :) He was so surprised and that is what I wanted. Thank you so so so so so so so so much. You made my day and his too!!!!! 02/18/09

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He did get the cakes and they went ahead and gave them to him and sang him happy birthday. They said they were delicious!!! Thank you so much for making them and all your hard work. Lisa 02/16/09
hope you all are doing well and just wanted to thank you again for what you do, this deployment is four months from being over and you guys have made the holidays we have missed a little easier to handle! thanks so much,Sierra 02/15/09
Thank you soo much! The birthday cake was WONDERFUL!!! It was fantasic! And greatly appreciated out here...Susan 02/11/09
David received his cake today. He said it was delicious!This is such a great thing for our soldiers! Kelli 02/09/09
My daughter received her cake, it was a few days late but the runway where she is at was closed so nothing was coming in or going out.She loved it, was surprised and the office she works in said it tasted great.Thank you for helping me make her 21st birthday special while she is over "there". Jeanine 02/08/09
Jones Cake
Debbie, Here is a picture of my handsome husband enjoying his cake! He shared his cake with his Marines and said it was delicious! Many of the Marines want to send your cakes to fellow Marines deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan...especially those that are single or have no family.They all got such a kick out of receiving a fresh cake all the way over there! Thanks so much for such a wonderful service, Kelly 02/08/09
Thank you for making my son's birthday so wonderful. The cake arrived Monday night, he open it today and he loved it. ***** 4 stars for your company.Regina 07/28/08

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Marc CakeA special THANK YOU to Sgt Czyrba, Marc A and his team for being our brave cake tasters.They took on the mission of sampling and offering feedback on our prototypes.Their participation was instrumental in helping us to launch the overseas shipping phase of our cake delivery service!

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